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You better bee-lieve you will love every second of this massage! A lymphatic massage is a type of therapeutic massage that encourages drainage of the lymph nodes, which reduces drainage of waste being carried towards the heart. If you are looking for a blissful and peaceful moment of manual relaxation, look no further!  A lymphatic massage is the perfect opportunity to relax… not to mention the countless health benefits that come along with it! Book your lymphatic message now and look forward to decreased swelling, boosted immune system, soothed muscles, healed acne, relieved fatigue, and more! A lymphatic massage is an essential natural detox to the body, considering that there is no natural lymphatic pump of it’s own.

Your Questions Answered

What can I expect from a Lymphatic Massage?

A lymphatic massage utilizes a technique that is very light and gentle. The purpose of this is  to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph nodes. It is a peaceful and painless process that will result in many health benefits.

Are Lymphatic Massages painful?

NO. When preformed by a professional at Bee Luxe Med Spa, your Lymphatic Massage service should be pain free and relaxing. It is very different from a traditional massage, consisting of gentle specialized movements that encourage the movement of lymph node fluids without increasing blood circulation. 

Who benefits most from a Lymphatic Massage?

Everyone can experience benefits from a relaxing Lymphatic Massage at our Med Spa. They are known to relax the body and naturally boost the immune system. They are especially beneficial to those who are currently suffering from inflammation or injuries resulting in trauma, such as a sprain or surgery recovery. 

I recently had a surgery. How long should I wait before my Lymphatic Massage treatment?

Post-op patients as early as 1 day following a surgery may benefit from our Lymphatic Massage treatment. You can expect to see a big improvement in your recovery after just one session. If you are unsure how long you should wait, be sure to consult your doctor. 

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